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Tantrum roller coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake
Tantrum at Six Flags Darien Lake
(Photo courtesy of: Logan Benjamin)

What are Ride Intensity Scales?

Brass Ring's Ride Intensity Scales represent our innovative way of determining the intensity of roller coasters throughout the world. Eventually, we intend to expand our selection of intensity scales to include flat rides (I.E. the Tilt-A-Whirl), tracked rides (I.E. Trains), water rides (I.E. Log Flumes) and water slides.

Our Ride Intensity Scale rankings range between 0 (lowest) and 13 (highest), with scores being determined in the following categories:

  • Statistics
  • Rider Experience
  • Restraint Checklist
  • Element List (except Flat Ride scales)

These scales are free for personal and commercial-use, but we kindly ask that you give credit to 'Brass Ring Web Solutions' (linking it to this website) when possible.

So hold on tight and enjoy your ride!

Coaster Intensity

From the world's tallest coaster to a coaster so small that it's nicknamed 'Teeny Weeny,' find out how your favorite coaster fares by using our Coaster Intensity Scale spreadsheet.

flat ride Intensity

tracked ride Intensity

Water Ride Intensity

Water Slide Intensity

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