Quassy Amusement & Waterpark

A Quassy Chronology

Main entrance of Quassy Amusement Park
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Featured below are some of the important years to remember regarding the development of Quassy Amusement Park.

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Quassy Chronology

1905 - Sea wall built at the lakeside property which would become Lake Quassapaug Park (Quassy).

1908 - Trolley line from Waterbury to Middlebury built and Quassy officially becomes a “trolley park.”

1910 - Dance pavilion built by the lake.

1915 - Wallace House on the property burned down and a new dance hall is built.

  • Original dance hall is converted into a bathing house for the beach.

1920 - Dancing seven nights a week during what was described as the “golden years” of Quassy.

1925 - Popcorn and root beer stand built.

1927 - Carousel roundhouse built near the dance hall.

1935 - Paddle boats added at the lake.

1937 - Three Waterbury concessionaires, John Frantzis, George Terezakis and Mike Leon purchase Lake Quassapaug Amusement Park from the Connecticut Trolley Company.

1938 - Hot dog stand built.

1939 - Dance hall converted into a roller skating rink.

1940 - Tea Room built.

  • It was later converted into the lakeside restaurant.

1941 - Land across the highway donated to the Town of Middlebury for a baseball field.

1948 - Train and Octopus rides added.

1952 - Allan Herschell Kiddieland added.

  • Dining Pavilion I (Clam Bake) added.
  • Today the pavilion is called the Fieldside Pavilion.

1955 - Twister ride added.

1958 - Helicopter ride added.

1959 - Quassy Queen riverboat ride on the lake added.

  • Today a pontoon board takes up to 30 guests on a leisurely ride on Lake Quassapaug.

1960 - The Wild Mouse roller coaster installed.

1964 - Indoor miniature golf replaced roller skating in the big building which once served as the dance hall.

1965 - Trabant ride added.

1966 - New bath house constructed.

1969 - Electric indoor bumper cars replace miniature golf.

1972 - Arcade replaces electric bumper cars.

  • Hampton Dune Buggy ride added.

1975 - Giant slide added.

1976 - Saturn Six ride replaces Octopus.

1977 - Tilt-A-Whirl ride added.

1979 - Space Shot and bumper car rides added.

  • Dining Pavilion II (Clam Bake) added near the beach.

1982 - Speed pitch added.

1983 - Allan Herschell Monster roller coaster replaces Wild Mouse.

  • Hampton Space Age ride added.
  • Restaurant totally refurbished.
  • New game stand built and batting cages added.
  • Quassy celebrates 75th anniversary.

1987 - Mini Himalaya ride added.

1991 - Music Fest ride added.

1997 - Flying Dragon and Paratrooper rides added.

1999 - Anderson family purchases Terezakis family shares in the property.

  • Big Flush water coaster added.

2000 - Frog Hopper ride and Titanic slide added.

2003 - Quassy celebrates 95th anniversary.

  • Development of waterpark starts with addition of Saturation Station at Quassy Beach. The attraction features water cannons, fountains, slides and a huge dumping bucket.
  • Also, the park added The Extreme Zone rock-climbing wall and “air time” adventure.

2004 - Yo-Yo super swing ride added.

2006 - Tunnel Twister waterslides added at Saturation Station.

  • New maintenance shop built on north side of the property.

2007 - 1927 carousel roundhouse refurbished during off-season.

  • The historic structure is home to a 50-foot, four abreast Grand Carousel.

2008 - Galleon Pirate Ship and Family Fun Slide added.

  • Quassy celebrates centennial with big band dance on July 19.

2009 - New main entrance ticket booth opens – reminiscent of “trolley park” heritage at Quassy.

2010 - Free Fall ‘N’ Drop Tower ride added.

  • Monster roller coaster sold at end of the season to make room for waterpark expansion.
  • Mini Himalaya ride retired.

2011 - Wooden Warrior roller coaster opens.

  • Flying Dragon ride retired.

2012 - New family tea cup ride added, called Crazy Cups.

  • Quassy Quest Laser Maze added in heart of redemption arcade.

2013 - Bullet Bowl water raft ride to be added to Saturation Station along with body slides and kiddie splash pad area.

  • Waterpark rebranded as Splash Away Bay, yet still incorporating all elements of Saturation Station.
  • Bathhouse – entrance to beach/waterpark – completely refurbished.

2014 - New group sales and season pass office built near main ticket booth.

  • Quassy restaurant refurbished with large food preparation area added.
  • Restrooms near park entrance totally refurbished.

2015 - FRANTIC thrill ride and kiddie bumper cars added.

  • New train station opens over platform for Quassy Express.
  • Trabant ride retired at end of the season.

2016 - Slide City, new five-slide children’s complex, opens in Splash Away Bay.

  • Reverse Time, new spectacular family thrill ride, replaces the Trabant.
  • New maintenance building completed, bringing to two the number of new structures for safety and maintenance team.
  • Spaceport Quassy, remodeled and themed play port area for youngsters, completed.
  • Allan Herschell kiddie boat ride refurbished.
  • Eagle’s Nest Observation Deck added adjacent to Wooden Warrior roller coaster.

2017 - Bella & Bessie’s Sweet Shoppe & Pizzeria open on the site of the former popcorn stand.

  • A new SBF/Visa Mini Jet titled Skipper’s Clippers and a Zamperla Samba Balloon ride called Up, Up & Away replaced the lakeside Hampton Umbrella rides.
  • The Quassy Quest Laser Maze also received an upgrade with the addition of the Beam Busters® element.  

2018 - Category 5 Rapids – Extreme Waterslides added to Splash Away Bay waterpark in the largest investment in the park’s history.

  • Splash Away Bay Café constructed overlooking Quassy Beach with upper deck seating.
  • Yo-Yo Super Swing ride completely refurbished including state-of-the-art LED lighting system.

2019 - Bouncing Buggies family ride replaces the children’s playport.

2020 - Tidal Wave swinging ship replaces the Galleon Pirate.

Quassy Amusement Park & Waterpark is in its 111th year and features more than two dozen rides and attractions. Rides include the award-winning Wooden Warrior roller coaster, Reverse Time, Frantic, MusicFest, Yo-Yo super swings, Free Fall ‘N’ Drop Tower and Grand Carousel.

Splash Away Bay waterpark has dozens of ways to get drenched on warm summer days, including 15 slides, Saturation Station modular play area and a splash pad for toddlers. Quassy also features a laser maze attraction in its huge arcade building.