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(Re)Introducing BR Spotlight

Brass Ring Web Solutions is proud to (re)introduce BR Spotlight, a blog focusing on educational, engaging, and entertaining content.

We say (re)introduce because we originally introduced BR Spotlight in March 2020, around the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit Western New York. Shortly after its premiere, we decided to take down this blog until things were more settled personally and professionally.

Short story long (no, not a typo), we want every featured business and organization to have an advertising route at no cost to them, all while engaging viewers with an educational and entertaining look into what you have to offer. Whether or not your business or organization is currently in operation, we hope that BR Spotlight (and Brass Ring) can be of help in helping you reach out to your community.

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NOTE: We will NOT feature stories that are (but not limited to) hurtful to others, political, religious, suggestive, and/or vulgar.