Our Mission

Brass Ring strives to become the clear choice that Western New York residents
make for their website and social media needs.

Brass Ring strives to become the clear choice that Western New York residents make for their
website and social media needs.

Who We Are

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Logan Benjamin (President/Webmaster)

Brass Ring Web Solutions is a Western New York-based company focused on developing (and maintaining) world-class digital presences at below industry rates. Our services are intended for small-to-medium-sized businesses, organizations, services, event facilities, and freelancers throughout the WNY region.

We strive to ensure that your digital presence is fully customized to fit your needs, meaning that you won't end up with a "cookie-cutter" design for your website and digital marketing plan. Simply put, what we design and develop your brand stays tried-and-true to your brand!

Logan Benjamin (President and Webmaster) founded Brass Ring to provide a world-class and cost-effective service to all of our clients, after seeing how our key markets were being underrepresented and/or taken advantage of financially. From the beginning, we have been adamant about our rates remaining well below the industry average for development and maintenance, all while providing a responsive, reliable, and secure product to our clients.

Brass Ring is proud to serve our growing list of clients, and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Our Gold Standards

Brass Ring is proud to live up to the gold standards we've set for ourselves:
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Innovation is key at Brass Ring. Your digital presence will not just be customized to look and feel aesthetically pleasing, but also comes equipped with content that reaches out to the audience you strive for.

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Our team would love nothing more than to develop your digital presence, but we understand that money doesn't grow on trees. That's why our rates are below the average cost for web services!

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Go Local

Brass Ring is located in the Western New York region, proudly providing our services to locally-based businesses, organizations, and freelancers.

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"Mom N' Pop" Service

Even in the advancing world of technology, Brass Ring provides our clients with the best in "mom & pop" customer service. Simply put, Brass Ring is always here to help ensure you are satisfied with our services!

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We never deem a website "completed" until it is responsive on a majority of desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.

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100% People, 100% Quality

Our websites and social media content are only developed by people, with the level of quality you've come to expect from Brass Ring.

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