In short: Our mission is to help our clients "reach for the brass ring" by developing a digital presence that is both responsive and secure.

We understand the invaluable contributions that small businesses throughout Western New York make to our local economy. Recognizing that small businesses require unique web services has allowed us to develop sustainable strategies that will help your business grow at the pace that suits you best.

Most small business owners in the region simply don't have the time to create their digital presence, or are concerned about the costs associated in developing it. But not to worry: our mission is to work with you every step of the way to ensure you and your business get the strong, responsive digital presence it deserves, all while staying within your budget.


Brass Ring is proud to live up to the gold standards we've set for ourselves:


Innovation is key at Brass Ring, from the websites we develop to the marketing strategies we customize for your business.


We want to help develop your digital presence, but we understand that money doesn't grow on trees. That's why our rates for services are the only thing "LOW" we offer!


Brass Ring is located in Western New York, and is proud to provide our services to small businesses in the region.


Even in the advancing world of technology, we want to bring our clients back to the good ol' days of "mom & pop" customer service.


No project is deemed completed until it is responsive on a majority of desktop, tablet, and mobile screens.


Our projects are developed by actual people who will go above and beyond to provide a 100% quality result for you.