frequently asked questions

How long does a web development project take?

Depending on the project scope, your new website can be ready to go live within 1-3 months of signing a Web Development agreement. Prompt client response always allows the process to go much smoother and quicker!

NOTE: The web development project will not begin until the Web Development agreement is signed and an initial deposit is made.

Why are web development rates not listed?

Each client has a different project scope, allowing us to customize pricing for their project. Therefore, we cannot determine exact rates for web development services until the client completes our Company Profile questionnaire.

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What is site hosting?

Site hosting is a wide-range of services that make your website accessible to internet users. Hosting is required for all websites on the internet.

When you have Brass Ring develop a website, we strongly recommend having us host your website.

All of our plans come with the following features, by default:

  • Custom domain connection
  • Access to our CMS Editor
  • Backups and versioning
  • Password protection
  • Custom forms (I.E. contact us)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) management
  • Integrations (I.E. Google Analytics and Google Maps)
  • Site-wide search
  • Automatic site security
  • SSL (secure-socket layers) certificate
  • ... and so much more!

How much does an SSL-certificate cost?

An SSL-certificate is vital with all websites, as it provides security and SEO benefits and puts site visitors at ease. However, it can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars a year just to have it ... that's crazy to think about!

At Brass Ring, we believe that a secure website should be a no-brainer. Therefore, your site will be SSL-secure at no cost to you!

When will a site maintenance plan become active?

Site maintenance will become active the day the site goes live. Once live, site maintenance services will be billed from the initial publishing date through the end of that calendar month (I.E. a publishing date of October 15th through the end of the month: October 31st).

What is included with a site maintenance plan?

Our site maintenance plans include the following services:

  • Daily site monitoring: Brass Ring ensures your site is always responsive, reliable, and secure every day.
  • Daily analytics: We keep track of metrics such as daily site visitors, average session duration, and bounce rate.
  • Weekly SEO monitoring: Each week, we will search vital keywords and key phrases to ensure our SEO strategies are working properly.
  • 1-hour of project upkeep per month: General edits and changes to existing site content (more project upkeep time is available for an additional fee).

Brass Ring can also develop new site content for an additional fee (I.E. blog posts, video uploads, etc.).

How long are initial service rates in effect for?

After signing any of our service agreements, listed rates are in effect for up to one (1) calendar year after a service agreement is signed.

One (1) month before reaching this date, we will send updated maintenance service rates that are in effect for one (1) calendar year; this process will continue annually for the length of the agreement.

Can my site be on the first page of search engines?

Brass Ring uses organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help build the SEO backbone, meaning that your site is equipped to potentially be ranked on the first page of search engines such as Google and Bing. However, sharing and advertising your website is a key factor in ensuring viewership and subsequently higher search engine rankings; we strongly recommend doing this when your new Brass Ring site goes live!

There are many free and paid advertising options that you can look into as well (including our social content and digital marketing services).

Do you offer social media management?

While we offer social content development, Brass Ring does not currently provide social media management services. Examples of social media management include monitoring (and replying to) comments, replies, and messages.