Don't Neglect Your Online Presence

Just as a physical store requires upkeep, so does your website. An outdated or malfunctioning website can deter potential customers, compromising security and user experience. Brass Ring steps in to ensure your website remains a strong, welcoming point of contact for your audience.

Keeping Your Site at Its Best

Daily Site Monitoring

Like vigilant digital guardians, we monitor your site to address any issues promptly, ensuring it operates smoothly around the clock.

Daily Viewership Insights

Gain insights into your website's traffic with daily updates and easy access to Google Analytics, helping you understand visitor behavior and preferences.

Weekly SEO Monitoring

We fine-tune your website to ensure you stand out on search engines and attract more visitors.

Weekly Sitemap Submission

By regularly submitting your sitemap to Google and Bing, we make sure new content is quickly indexed, enhancing your online visibility.

Keeping Your Site Vibrant

It might be time for a refresh! Our services cover various aspects to keep your site engaging and updated.

New Content and Additions

Keep your site engaging with fresh images, videos, or text.

Updates to Existing Content

Change is constant, and so is our flexibility in updating your site's content as needed, ensuring it remains relevant and reflective of your current offerings.

New Static and Dynamic Pages

Whether you need a new static or dynamic page, we're ready to design and implement it, complete with all necessary content and SEO setup.

Affordable and Customized for You

At Brass Ring, we understand the unique nature of your business. Our website upkeep services are not only affordable but also customized to meet the specific needs of your Buffalo and Western New York business, ensuring you get the best value and performance from your website.

Ready for Hassle-Free Website Upkeep?

Let Brass Ring take the helm of your website upkeep, allowing you to dedicate your energy to what you do best—running your business. Call 716-775-2622 or book a 30-minute discovery call to learn about how we can make your website shine!