The Process of Local SEO in WNY

Understanding SEO might seem complex, but it's quite simple. When potential customers search for products or services on search engines like Google, the aim is to ensure that your website appears at the top of the search results.

Achieving this involves optimizing your website's content and technical aspects. This optimization is crucial for reaching potential customers and boosting your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). However, it's important to choose your SEO partner wisely, as some so-called 'SEO experts' may not deliver on their promises.

At Brass Ring, we're dedicated to boosting your online visibility through effective SEO strategies. We specialize in providing WNY businesses with the tools and expertise necessary to stand out in online searches, ensuring your business gets the visibility it deserves.

Why Your WNY Business Needs SEO

Enhanced Visibility

In the digital landscape, SEO is crucial for enhancing the visibility of your small business. By implementing effective SEO strategies, your business can secure a prominent position in search results and easily attract more potential customers.

Credibility and Trust

When your business appears among the top search results, it signals reliability and authenticity to users. This credibility, in turn, can positively impact your business and foster trust among your audience.

Targeted Traffic

SEO is not just about increasing website traffic but, more importantly, about driving targeted and quality traffic to your site. By optimizing for specific keywords and user intent, SEO helps attract visitors genuinely interested in your products or services, increasing the likelihood of turning visitors into loyal customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Unlike traditional advertising, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that offers sustainable results at a comparatively lower cost. Once the initial setup is done, ongoing maintenance expenses remain minimal, making it an affordable yet efficient marketing investment for small businesses.


In a dynamic online world, search engine algorithms and digital trends evolve constantly. By continually adapting SEO strategies, your business can stay ahead of the curve and maintain relevance in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Empowering Your SEO Journey

From day one, your new website is equipped with the following SEO strategies and techniques:

  • Meta title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags
  • Internal linking
  • Backlinking
  • An XML sitemap
  • Rich snippets
  • and SCHEMA

By utilizing these strategies and techniques, we can increase your website's visibility and make it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Moreover, we'll ensure that your business has a listing on Google. This listing provides key information such as your business address, operating hours, phone number, and a direct link to your website.

Accelerate Your Website's Growth

Imagine your website as a thriving garden waiting to bloom. Just like plants need nurturing to grow, your website requires care to ascend the search result rankings. But how do you give it that initial push, especially if web design isn't your expertise?

One way to kickstart this journey is by promoting your website on social media. By using marketing tools and sharing it within your network, you're giving your site an initial boost in visibility. This early exposure can significantly boost your online presence before search engines completely index your website.

Your Local WNY SEO Experts

As a small business headquartered in WNY, Brass Ring understands the value of local expertise. We prioritize honesty, ensuring you won't be tied into confusing contracts full of unrealistic promises, giving you the trust and results your business deserves.

Call 716-775-2622 or book a 30-minute discovery call to get started on your local SEO journey!