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Developing websites for small businesses is the heart and soul of what Brass Ring offers! We use the latest technology to design and develop websites that will obtain and sustain a strong online presence. All of our websites are customized to fit your needs, meaning that your company's website will not have that common "cookie-cutter" look and feel.

No website goes live until it meets our 3 gold standards:

  • Reliability - All aspects of the site are functioning properly
  • Responsiveness - Site content is easily accessible on a majority of device screens
  • Security - The chance of any site-wide security issues occurring are slim to none


After the design and development of a website is complete, the work simply doesn't end there. Maintaining a website is just like maintaining a car, as you want to make sure your website is always reliable, secure, and up-to-date!

Brass Ring offers world-class maintenance services, such as:

  • Content updates - Hosting your website with Brass Ring includes up to 2 hours a month of updates to existing site content (additional updates will be billed per additional hour).
  • Data back-ups - Your website is backed up daily, meaning you'll never lose it!
  • Security scans - With these scans, any security issues are dealt with immediately.
  • Uptime monitoring - We will ensure your website is up and running reliably.
  • Viewership analytics - Your website is equipped with Google Analytics; in addition, we provide an easy-to-read spreadsheet, which is updated daily.


Want more for your website? No problem! For an additional fee, we can develop new content for your website at any time. Refreshing your website on a regular basis will help improve your search engine rankings, while providing something new for viewers to check out!

Brass Ring offers the following add-ons, which can be added before or after your website goes live for the first time:

  • Additional pages - One (1) section of web copy and two (2) images included
  • Web text - Examples: web copy, articles, and/or blog posts
  • Media - Examples: images and videos
  • Social media integrations - Examples: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • File upload - Examples: PDF, Doc, PPT, and XLS
  • Forms - Examples: Contact, survey, and contest entry
  • 3rd party integrations - Example: Google Maps
  • Buttons/back-linking - Examples: Call-to-action and Click-to-call


Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital in your website becoming a top-ranking result on search engines. To help improve your website's ranking, Brass Ring offers organic SEO services such as:

  • Meta titles/descriptions - The website title and description search engine users see
  • Weekly search result monitoring - We will monitor which search terms work, and which ones don't
  • Ensuring relevant content - Regularly updating website content helps keep your website relevant!


By optimizing your website's images (by editing and compressing them to a web-ready size), you are allowing search engines to easily identify the image so that its content can be used in getting precise SEO results.

If what the old saying says is true, that "a picture is worth 1,000 words," then let's make that image live up to that old adage. No matter what is written in text, and no matter how poetic the description is, nothing can convey life and emotion like an image can. Think of it as visual descriptions of your brand and product!

One of the most common elements that hinder a website's ability to get good SEO results are the images used on the site. Whether it's a photo or video, it must be optimized so that the algorithms used on search engines can "read" it. If the search engine has difficulty "reading" the image, it won't just effect your SEO results, but also the time it takes for the page to load. We humans have the attention span of a goldfish; therefore, if your pages don't load in less than 5 seconds, your potential customer(s) may move on to a competitor's website.


Take a look at the two images below. Although the images are of the same content, one has been edited to appear more visually appealing to the user. But wait, there's more! What you don't see in the edited image is that it has been equipped with an Alt Text description.

Alt text describes the nature (or content) of an image, which is useful for when an image is unavailable because of a broken or changed URL. It's not just convenient for viewers of your website, but also for search engines, as Alt text allows them to "read" the image's description so that the image's content can improve your website's SEO.

A beach scene is used in this example; however, if it were a product specific to your business, it would add an additional layer of SEO awareness!

Unedited image of a beach

Before optimization (no edits)

Edited image of a beach

After optimization / edits