Site Maintenance

Brass Ring strives to treat each of our clients as individuals rather than just numbers. We believe in developing and maintaining a web presence that best suits you and the company you have proudly built up to this point.

No-frills site maintenance

Like your vehicle, your website needs to be properly maintained. A lack of maintenance can cause significant issues that negatively affect your site's responsiveness, reliability, security, and search engine rankings. We have even seen instances where sites were considered not safe by anti-virus programs ... that would not look good for your business.

Now comes up another problem: time. Many web developers hand off websites for the client to maintain on their own, but what they don't consider is your busy personal and professional schedules. However, if you don't have the time to maintain your website, your ROI (return on investment) can quickly become a hefty loss.

We fully understand these issues, which is why Brass Ring offers site maintenance plans to our website clients. Our plans are no-frills, meaning that you will only receive and pay for the services you want and need.

Once your new website goes live, you can receive up to one (1) month of site maintenance services for FREE!* That's right ... nothing.

Maintenance that meets your needs
General maintenance services
Project upkeep services
Content development services
Plans that fit ALL budgets
Upgrade or downgrade at any time
*Exact period of free maintenance is on a per-project basis. Services outside of what's included in your maintenance plan will be billed at normal service rates.
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Let your imagination fly

We offer different website options to meet your needs and fit your budget!

Basic Plan

$60/month or $605/year (prepaid)
One (1) hour of general maintenance services each month.
Additional project upkeep and content development services are available for an additional $60/hour.

Upkeep Plan

$105/month or $1,100/year (prepaid)
One (1) hour of general maintenance services each month.
One (1) hour of project upkeep and/or content development services each month.
Additional services available for an additional $57/hour (5% off).
Leftover service time rolls over to the next month at no additional charge.


$150/month or $1,595/year (prepaid)
One (1) hour of general maintenance, services each month.
Two (2) hours of project upkeep and/or content development services ch month.
Additional services available for an additional $54/hour (10% off).
Leftover service time rolls over to the next month at no additional charge.
Rates listed on this page are valid as of October 25th, 2021. These rates are subject to change without notice.